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When you need a hand in planning for a remodel, give us a call at SPMO Remodeling in Springfield, MO. We have seasoned remodeling contractors, who can help with the planning of your new kitchen bathroom, drywall repairs, siding installation and so much more. We are the preferred remodeling company in Springfield for a reason, we deliver high-quality services that our customers can count on. Our remodeling contractors are professionally vetted and are efficient in their duties. There is nothing that they can’t do. If you want superior craftsmanship and someone who will pay close attention to details then you have come to the right place. We are considered the best in the business for these very reasons. Call us to learn more about our professional remodeling services in Springfield. When you want the best, don’t settle. Get what you want and deserve from our team of attentive remodeling contractors in Springfield.

About Us

We began operating our remodeling business over 25 years ago to provide our customers with the highest quality of remodeling services in the area. We have meticulously chosen our Springfield contractors and this has enabled us to do just what we have set out to do. Our contractors have years of experience, which serves them well. It is because of their level of experience that they have been so effective in meeting the needs of our most discerning customers. We make it possible for our customers to get what they are paying for and so much more. When you want affordable and efficient remodeling services, this is what you’ll receive when you turn to our experienced team of professional Springfield remodeling contractors.

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Our Services

At SPMO Remodeling we provide a variety of services, which includes our bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, in addition to our siding and drywall installation and repair services. When you want to stay in your home but want to make some improvements, we are the ones to rely on to do this for you. Our experts can handle your requests, big or small. Some of the smallest changes can make the largest impact. Whether you want to completely change the appearance of your kitchen, bath or basement or simply add an extension, our professional remodeling contractors in Springfield can handle this and more.

                        Bathroom Remodel

Most households would agree that their bathroom is the most visited room in their home. This is why this is often the room that is remodeled most often. For many people, their bathroom is their sanctuary and they want it to remain that way. If you’re looking for a way to make improvements to your bathroom, allow us to show you what your options are. Our remodeling contractors can also help make your bathroom more functional.

                        Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen may receive more traffic than any other room in your home. If this is the case then this means you’re spending a lot of time in it. When you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen or make it more functional, call on SPMO Remodeling. With the level of experience of our contractors, it’s easy for them to advise you on the best and most efficient way to achieve this and more.

                       Basement Remodel

Your basement is an asset and therefore should be treated as such. A basement is an extension of your home and can be used as a livable space. If you have wanted a home gym, family room, studio space, or any other type of livable space, consider using your basement. Our experts can transform your basement into any type of room that you wish to have. We’ll provide you with something unique to you and your needs.


If you have siding on your home that is fading and is no longer appealing then you may be interested in improving its appearance. Give our experienced remodeling contractors at SPMO Remodeling a call. They can install new siding that offers your home the curb appeal that it is missing.

                            Drywall Repair

Another service that we offer is our drywall repair service. We only use quality materials when handling your drywall repairs to ensure durability. Our experts begin every repair job with a thorough assessment to determine the extent of the damages. This will enable them to determine exactly how they will make the necessary repairs.

                           Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is something that you may never have thought possible. However, we assure you that this is possible by relying on our team of experienced remodeling contractors. If there is space for it, our contractors will find it. Entertain more with an outdoor kitchen. Why not let our expert remodeling contractors show you how this can be done by contacting us today.

Contact Us

Call on SPMO Remodeling and let us show you how we can help with your remodeling needs. It doesn’t matter how extensive your remodeling needs might be, we assure you that we have what it takes to provide you with what you want. If you want the best quality of service at the most affordable prices possible, allow us to show you how we can provide this to you and more. Call us for your no-obligation, complimentary consultation today!


“I never knew how much fun an outdoor kitchen could be. The guys at SPMO Remodeling built us a lovely new outdoor kitchen that we never thought was even possible. I would recommend them to others in Springfield who want an outdoor kitchen installed.” – Tom J.

“We needed to add another bathroom downstairs but couldn’t figure out where it would go. The remodeling contractor from SPMO came in and immediately pointed out where they would build it and it worked out perfectly!” – Sally R.

“There is no other remodeling service other than SPMO Remodeling that has ever done so much to work with my budget. This is why I highly recommend their services to anyone in Springfield who is looking for a professional remodeling service.” – Gary T.